Craig’s List Search

28 Apr

Bought something for your wedding and now it is sitting in your closet collecting dust? List it on Craig’s List! Make a little extra cash and use it for a romantic dinner out with the new hubs! Looking for great wedding items? Why pay full price for something you’re only going to use once? Great bargains are lurking on Craig’s List each week! Here’s what I’ve found this week.

Aqua Mason Jars

These would make beautiful centerpieces, great as aisle runners with floating candles or if you’re having a small wedding they would look cute with your signature cocktail and a swirly straw!


Beverage Dispensers

Can you imagine fresh cucumbers and lemons or maybe even mint to spice up boring old ice water?! What a wonderful way to flavor your water and a add burst of bright color!

Apothecary Candy Jars

Cut glass sparkles just like crystal! Candy bars are still all the rage, why not make your candy bar uber special with these heirloom compotes?


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